What is Breathwork?

We all breathe, right?

And there are proven benefits to deeper breathing, focusing on your breath, and the role of breath in meditation

Breathwork taps into the natural healing capacity of your own body, but it encourages you to use it in a way that allows you to harness your emotional power - instead of being ruled by it.


Erikka and Chryssa are both trained in leading transformative breathwork sessions.

Practicing breathwork at the Heart to Hand Healing Center has been a life changing experience. Each session reveals new layers of myself and allows me to leave both more informed and fully relaxed. I can’t recommend breathwork enough.
— M.M.

We do breathwork in person at the center, and we do breathwork by proxy via Skype. If you're local, you have both ways as an option. If you're not in the NYC tristate area, Skype's your best best.

Contact us to learn more. And if you're ready, book your cathartic experience now.