Elemental Coaching

Our actions don't lie. 

If your actions betray the way you feel inside, if you're not living your best life, if you feel dissatisfied and have an inkling that you have control over changing that feeling, then my question is:

why not do something about it? 

Elemental Coaching sessions are intense. We use the basic tenets of Positive Psychology in conjunction with the five element theory of Chinese medicine.

This combination has the propensity to bring about real and lasting changes to your behavior and thought patterns. 

There are 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine, each with its individual lens through which life is seen. For example, someone with a Metal constitution might have the erroneous belief that in order to be a success/happy/etc, everything must be perfect. A Wood constitution might be fixated on winning, being first, or being the best above all else. Though these are just a couple brief examples that an average human feels from time to time, most people are actually driven by bad habits, harmful thought processes, and misguided belief systems. 

Positive psychology uses exercises to help train your brain to work more in your favor.

Elemental theory pinpoints your healthy driving life-force.

Elemental Coaching is another tool to connect your mind to your body - and guess what results?

Positive change.