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New Moon Fertility and Prenatal Circle with Sangeet Raj

New Moon Fertility & Prenatal Circle

Motherhood is a powerful journey. As women, yoga and meditation is the strongest offering that we can give to ourselves. With this sacred practice, you can invoke the spirit and the intuition to guide and nurture the life that will come forward through you.   To actively move your body, to connect to the moon and your breath, to meditate and go inside your womb where life is manifested - is to connect with your inner knowing and your own truth.

In sisterhood, we will gather during New Moon times and explore:

  •  Powerful pranayama (ancient breathing) techniques
  •  Asanas (yoga postures) specifically designed for women
  •  Meditations and mantras (sound current vibrations) to help you prepare for a positive conception, birth and motherhood experience
  •  Mudras (hand positions) and physical gestures that have an effect on the energy flow of the body
  •  "Keep up" exercises developing your strength and taking you beyond your limitations
  •  Long, deep relaxation

$25 at the door, sign up required