Breathing is intuitive, right? In relaxation, our autonomic nervous system takes care of it (the parasympathetic branch is in charge of rest-and-digest), and we don't even have to think about it.

But what happens when we get propelled into fight-or-flight mode?

This happens with perceived danger, which used to be lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

Now, perceived danger is as simple as being late for a meeting, sleeping through your alarm, stressed that you forgot to pack the right lunch for your child.

And yet our ancient bodies still respond the same way: breathing becomes shallow. Heart speeds up. Digestion slows.

Cortisol and adrenaline are released. 

Breathwork helps to calm the sympathetic nervous system in a really deliberate way. YOU are breathing. YOU are experiencing the emotions that arise. YOU are clearing the decks of old, crappy, stuck stuff. 

Are you ready for these dramatic shifts? 

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Manifesting miracles

Our actions don't lie. 

If your actions betray the way you feel inside, if you're not living your best life, if you feel dissatisfied and have an inkling that you have control over changing that feeling, then my question is:

why not do something about it? 

Manifesting Miracles sessions are intense. We use the basic tenets of Positive Psychology in conjunction with the five element theory of Chinese medicine.

This combination has the propensity to bring about real and lasting changes to your behavior and thought patterns. 

Manifesting Miracles is our program to jumpstart a new life. It's is another tool to connect your mind to your body - and guess what results from that?

Positive change.

New thought patterns. More self-awareness. Clients have changed jobs, transformed relationships, booked long-put-off vacations. Why? Because the relationship with self changes. 

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