4 Min:

"I am Chryssa Tsakiris"

"and I am Erikka Hunter."

Erikka: how we met, base of our practice is in INTEGRITY. "We hold each other accountable. Everyone complains, and we're happy to listen to complaints. But with a complaint, we then require action."

Chryssa: breaks down self method

Erikka: meditation/breathing exercise to get grounded.


What do you mean, manifesting miracles?

This is the time where you can start taking notes.

"Thanks for joining us. We'll be talking about INTEGRITY and what that has to do with STRESS MANAGEMENT, and how when you're in line with oneyou can therefore get the other one under control, and it can be MIRACULOUS."

From those two things, the world CHANGES: when you're more in line with yourself and you're getting consistent reminders of who you are, you act accordingly and with consistency.


This means better sleep, more even weight, more clear thinking, more ability to handle emotions when they arise, and less likely to feel so damn overwhelmed.

Life is full of choices. All the time.

“Every choice you make is either an expression of love or an expression of fear. There is no other choice.”

What are you consistently choosing?

Comfort of: depression/anxiety/negative emotional states (choosing to indulge and not manage the emotion - we'll get into that in a bit), food choices (even though they give you acid reflux), television watching, alcohol consumption.

LUKEWARM STATES: where are you not super excited about something, but you're not super bored or upset? What are examples in your life where you're "fine" with something, and also you recognize that there's no growth and/or no potential for growth?

Because life if about growth and moving forward. We've recently begun taking care of a lot of plants in our office. We love the model of new growth and the cycle of life playing out over and over again in our office plants. We also realized that some plants weren't really doing much, and when you're growing plants, them sitting there and being pretty isn't the point anymore. Suddenly, you're looking for signs of new growth. Enter the mealy bug: keeps plants looking fine for awhile, slowly kills them. But you don't really even realize it's happening unless you know what to look for.

So this is what we're talking about: what are the mealy bug aspects of your life? How are you subversively undercutting yourself?

Where are you telling yourself that you deserve to feel bad?



To make your own miracles, you must first be rooted in your own integrity.

What is integrity? It's NOT the mealy bug state! Rooted in integrity means you know what you want. It's when you see new growth for yourself. You know you're on the right track when you've cleared the mealy bugs and new growth CAN happen.

New growth is tiny. It grows big, but it has to start small.

And that's why it can be so hard to remember to look out for it. That's why mealy bugs are so effective at what they do: they just stop new growth, and since new growth can be so small, you can forget about it.

WHAT INTEGRITY IS: the state of being whole and undivided; whole hearted; treating yourself as you would a loved one; external environment has less of an impact on the internal environment because the internal environment has really, really, really good bones. Storms can rage around you and you stand.

In psychology there's a lot of talk about childhood wounds, and there is merit to that. We are not psychologists, though, so what we want to talk about are adult strengths. What are your adult strengths? Top 3. Write them down.

Do you notice a relationship between being in integrity with yourself and your ability to be a strong adult?


How do I practice integrity?

You are in integrity because you practice. All. The damn. Time. For those of your familiar with practicing anything, you know that means you're a) constantly learning b) falling on your butt a lot because you're pushing yourself to learn more (see a) and c) becoming better. 

Being mindful to wash off those mealy bugs!



Flex that muscle.


exercise in integrity

boundary exercise

How does this constitute a miracle? It's a matter of perspective: before and after.

Thinking things like "I could NEVER say that to that person" can be construed as "it would take a MIRACLE for me to get what I want in this interaction with this person."

You stand in your own integrity, you draw your lines, and POOF things begin to change.

Think about times when you say yes when you really mean no. You have these three adult tools and you can do things in integrity with knowledge and purpose. What then does drawing a boundary mean? Do you respect yourself enough to not get walked all over?

The having your cake and eating it too model: where you want one thing and you know that that necessarily sacrifices another. And that's ok! Adult strength 101.


exercise in integrity

Do you acquiesce? Do you power pose? 

Where do you lose your magic? (You know the feeling.)


You can create physical boundaries in your body with acupuncture, massage, reiki, meditation. These are all health building exercises.


exercise in integrity - real life example

Michele - talk about her as someone who went through the manifesting miracles mentorship and came out with a new job, lost weight, etc etc

Cloty - same thing!

Basically, examples of the facades caused by fear falling away so that these people can come into their own.


Little Talks

How many thoughts do you think a day? What kinds of conversations go on between you and you?

pexels-photo-1 copy 2.jpg

Negative Self-talk

Guess what: if you tell yourself you're not good enough, you're going to believe yourself. 

How's this a miracle? BECAUSE WORDS ARE IMPORTANT. Words are intention, words are spells. Women were hanged for their words. Words are destiny. 

Tweets are law, so mean what you say and be prepared to back it up. #showyourwork


we're all victims. and we're all heroes.

Empathy is important. And so is getting up and getting shit done. 

Change your mindset, change your world.


Think. and think some more. And then be kind. And then do.

Taking the negative out. For example:

I'm fat vs my body is amazing - look what it can do

I'm stupid vs I have a lot to learn

What they have on their page: Think. and think some more. And then be kind. And then do.

Maybe you already know what we're talking about. Maybe you think it's hogwash. Either way, it's exercise time. This one's for the road:

monitor your thoughts. 

write them down.

don't censor yourself.

keep in mind how tricky we are: if you blank-out, you were probably saying something nasty about yourself, so write that down too.


Thoughts become Emotions become Actions.



It's much easier to fret and worry about things that don't matter, and expend all of your energy on that, instead of concretely thinking about ways that you yourself can change and then implementing those changes. When you're worried about trying to control everything else, there's conveniently no energy left for you. And oftentimes that then means there can be a feeling of betrayal, that others should be taking care of you.

Full circle: how about you just worry about yourself.

 Respectfully, this is none of your business.


Wrapping Up

Are you inspired? What have you learned?


Final Thoughts


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