Maya became a massage therapist because she felt drawn to the power of touch and its capacity to heal. She believes that therapeutic touch integrates mind, body, and spirit, and that it is a valuable component of wellness in today’s rushed and disconnected world. As both a massage therapist and a doula, Maya strives to create an overall sense of peace and comfort, allowing the body to integrate and accept change. Her background in dance and practice of yoga, meditation, and qi gong inform her intuition in all aspects of her work. To read more about Maya’s philosophy of massage please see her blog post entitled “The Healing Power of Touch.”  


Maya has been a NY state licensed massage therapist since 2006, and is a graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. In 2008 she became certified in prenatal and postpartum massage. Inspired by the beauty and profound transformation of pregnancy and birth, Maya went on to train as a labor support and postpartum doula. She has completed various additional trainings as a massage therapist, most notably in the areas of oncology massage, post-mastectomy massage, shiatsu, and pregnancy massage. Maya has recently returned to school to pursue a bachelors degree in nursing. She hopes to combine her knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, and to continue providing compassionate, respectful care to those in need.  

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