Initial Questions

Welcome to Elemental Coaching.

Ultimately, our goal here is is to use Truth to get closer to ourselves. Answering these questions is your first foray into your own Truth. 


Please remember that being honest during Elemental Coaching is always to your benefit. 

There is no judgment in the way that you answer these questions.

Things merely are, or are not. 

For every single question below, there are many options. Though we urge you to choose the answers that are relevant to you, there is additional space below each question to write in different words that more aptly describe you. 

And if words fail you, we encourage you to choose 'none of the above', without the pressure of explaining yourself! 

Continuing with Elemental Coaching will provide the answers to the questions on which we continually find ourselves drawing a blank.

This is a fact finding mission.

If something does not speak True to you, then under the conditions of Truth Seeking, do not choose it!

Thank you for beginning this journey. 

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