Rental Space Available

The Heart to Hand Healing Center is a holistic wellness center in charming Tarrytown, NY


Thank you for your interest in the Heart to Hand Healing Center.

We take immense pride in our space and are honored that you are considering bringing your business through our sacred doors.

We are a collective of (mainly) women, each owning and operating our small businesses — oftentimes while also having small children, or working other jobs.

We aim to empower and connect with each other, while maintaining the autonomy around the work each of us brings to the center.

We currently offer:

acupuncture • therapy • reiki • akashic record reading • coaching • nutrition • new parent classes • herbal medicine • massage • breathwork • doulas • yoga • facials

We are always looking to share our space with like-minded practitioners.

Come visit us to see what we're all about.


CONVENIENT LOCATION: on 119/White Plains Rd, just off route 9/Broadway and within 1/4 of a mile of 287 E/W

BUILDING: Beautiful old manor house, 2nd floor walkup with a wide staircase. Full parking lot for yourself and your clients.

SPACE: The center itself has a spacious waiting room, in-house bathroom and sink, 4 private treatment rooms, practitioner area with bookcases and shelving, and a meditation/seminar/workshop space.



massage/treatment table // sheets // towels

cotton balls // basic acupuncture needles (for use by licensed acupuncturist only)

space heater // essential oil diffuser

relaxing spa music //noise machine



Ideal for: massage therapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists

Comes with: Standard size treatment table, sheets, and towels (laundry is included, and table can be broken down for practitioners not working manually therapies), cotton balls, face mask, tissues, basic acupuncture needles (for L.Ac.’s only), space heater, essential oil diffuser, and noise machine.


1x/week $350

2x/week $675

3x/week $993

4x/week $1303

5x/week $1609

6x/week $1911

Meditation/Workshop Space.

Ideal for: yoga/pilates with 10-12 participants or less, seminars, meditations, workshops

Comes with: pilates mats, meditation cushions, and sound machine.

$25/hour (price is for classes/groups only)

Full day/weekend rental:

one day, 8 hours $175

both days, 8 hours each $325