Sangeet Raj Kaur is a full spectrum doula and natural childbirth educator who resides in Westchester County. As a certified Kundalini yoga instructor, she focuses her offerings on womb wellness and sacred women's teachings. Her services at Heart to Hand Healing allows for continuity of care by encompassing fertility consulting, Womb Reiki™ and prenatal yoga and into her repertoire. For more about Sangeet, visit her at Royal Mothering.

Services offered at the Center

Royal Mothering Doula Services

Sangeet Raj Kaur believes that motherhood starts before conception with the connection of a mother and a spirit baby. As a holistic childbirth educator and full spectrum doula, Sangeet provides fertility/antepartum, labor and postpartum support to women in lower Hudson Valley, Westchester County and NYC area. Since 2008, Sangeet specializes in natural (including VBAC) births. Whether at home, in birthing centers or within hospital setting, she believes that healthier pregnancies, outcomes and above all healthier babies and families come from a mother who feels supported and encouraged throughout her pregnancy. Sangeet's journey in supporting women solidified further with the conception of her son, Cameron, in 2015. Her education during pregnancy and natural birth at Hudson Valley Hospital inspired her to assist other women in accomplishing their own unique birth goals. Sangeet used meditation, yoga and natural comfort techniques like aromatherapy/herbal support during pregnancy and labor and is passionate about providing the these and many more tools for women she supports. She offers the technology of Kundalini yoga, Womb Reiki™, and Khalsa Way® Fertility yoga as methods of enabling a woman in conscious conception and strives to make every birth an empowering experience. Expecting mothers can expect to be mothered with Sangeet's Royal Mothering Doula Treatment.

Questions or comments about what Sangeet offers? Feel free to get in touch! We're always happy to be in clear communication with our clients: with clarity comes health.

Fertility Reiki or Royal Womb Reiki Treatment

A Woman’s Womb creates life, manifests dreams, and births creative projects. A Woman’s Womb is her true power center! Being nurtured from within our Womb provides a self-love so embodied that it creates the deepest fulfillment and expression of our feminine energy.

Benefits of WOMB REIKI™ include:

  • Enhance fertility
  • Clear Womb trauma
  • Attune Womb vibration
  • Dissipate negative energy
  • Spark creative energy
  • Awakens sensual nature
  • Harmonize the Womb
  • Create balance within the reproductive organs

Session may include use of herbal naval candling, custom essential oil blend and/or gemstone therapy.

The Circle of Life: Fertility & Prenatal Yoga (class)

Motherhood is a powerful journey. With Yoga and Meditation on your side you have the spirit and the intuition to guide and nurture the life that will come forward through you.  Yoga and Meditation may be the strongest offering that we can give to ourselves when pregnant. To actively move your body, to learn to breath properly, to close your eyes, to meditate, to go inside where your baby is - is to connect with you inner knowing and your own truth.

These classes give mothers a chance to talk, share feelings, dance, rejoice, relax, stretch and find community! 

Each class is 1.5 hour long and incorporates:

  • Powerful, ancient breathing techniques
  • Asanas (yoga postures) specifically designed for a pregnant woman
  • Meditations and mantras (sound current vibrations) to help you prepare for a positive birth experience and motherhood
  • Mudras (hand positions are physical gestures that have an effect on the energy flow of the body)
  • "Keep up" exercises developing your strength and taking you beyond what you thought you could do
  • Sometimes dancing
  • Long, deep relaxation