Imagine: the world can be shaking around you and you are still in yourself - still able to make decisions, still able to take on responsibility. When you are more able to fully connect as a human, when you are more able to address your own needs, you can:

help other people more effectively

connect more effectively

become better at the roles you play in life: parent to your children, partner to your partner, child to your own parents, person to work with, PTA member... and the list goes on.


What we want for individuals

We want the lens through which you look at life to be most closely aligned with what fulfills you most. Operating from a place within your own boundaries (read: NOT for the wants/needs/desires of others) allows you to shine brightly as the person you are, which we believe is the whole purpose to this here life of ours. 



The way you make your life better is simple: you live within yourself.

Enacting that in day to day life is difficult. We created The Heart to Hand Healing Center with integrity in mind, which is why we make sure that every service we offer is an integrity enhancer. Each service provided at the center has the capability of bringing you more in line with yourself.

At The Heart to Hand Healing Center, we practice the SELF Method in each of the modalities we offer: Sustainable Effective Lifestyle Freedom. We offer you the tools. We provide focused guidance.

After that, it's up to you to do the work.