In-house Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group yoga classes are now available at The Heart to Hand Healing Center.

Teachers are provided through Riverstone Yoga

Do you feel uncertain in your practice of yoga?

Get Targeted Attention to unlock your potential.

With private yoga lessons, we focus on YOU and tailor the sessions based on your personal health, body type, life style, and schedule. 

Consider private yoga sessions if:

  • You're new to the practice and are eager to gain a strong foundational understanding 

  • You have Group Exercise Anxiety: yup, it's a thing, and a little self-mastery goes a long way in conquering that fear 

  • You want to get to know your body better: yoga is a direct link to your breath, which has a myriad of effects on how your mind and body interact with each other

  • You're healing from an injury and want to get back into your practice with tailored help from a professional